Bdote, Seth Eastman in 1848

Updated 11/21/20

breathe in + breathe out


logion 54


breathe in + breathe out


logion 53



Leaves that didn’t
go brown in summer’s
new normal
dry heat
are starting to turn
Grace in thunderstorms
and their yellows and oranges

We don’t have to be anything
more or less
in drought,
forest fire or hurricane
We’ve just gotta be

What will it take
to wake

breathe in + breathe out


logion 52


Nostalgia never reaches
back far enough
Never brings forward
enough of the story
Goes treasure hunting
leaves the jewels
returns with an empty chest
that proceeds to swallow
the one carrying it

Worry is a dreamless
and restless
A cold mind’s eye
always looking for signs
of some glorious disaster

We have within us
twenty-four jewels
Two at…

How long do you have to sit
before all the sediment
in my feet on the floor?
Bodies of Water
Shaken and stirred

Memorial weekend is Labor Day weekend
is Thanksgiving is Christmas

We can write stories about years
that weren't
It's January 2nd

I want to be right here
September 5th
I am sandy loam
sitting right where the gopher
set me
Wet brown in the middle of dewey green
I am the salt lick
massaged by rough tongue
of the whitetail

Dust and pollen
Five months
and 39 years
Collected on these windows
Wipe them clean
Dirt on repurposed cloth diapers
and yellow…

Driving home from Chicago

my heart was tired

Must have been all that dancing

and breathing shared air

Must’ve been the weight of the gratitude

and the intensity of the love

A wedding, with decades old friends

All of us emerging from lockdowns

instituted by viruses, depressions,

divorces, and our children’s extracurriculars

We were together

We hugged and told stories

Old and new

Laughter and sincerity

Little fluff

All of that is burned and burning


in the fever and the aging

ICU nurse in tuxedo

Senior living administrator

in faded rose

Software and tile



breathe in + breathe out


logion 50



I have seen these words
in the eyes of the Grandmothers

We play bluegrass

on Saturday mornings

More faithful with that

than church on Sundays I ‘spose

More faithful

staring at the oaks

and the chickadees and house finches

ascending and descending

from aspen and the bird feeder with copper top

Fiddles and banjoes

Give me that old time religion

One that flows

from a Creator


in All My Relations

Give me a spirituality

that can’t keep from dancing

A heart that beats with

coyote’s and whitetail’s

Blood that pulses with

the water in the grasses

Ballads and barn scorchers

and everything in between

But let’s…

breathe in + breathe out


logion 48




Welcome, Crow
Welcome, Goldenrod
Welcome, resentments
I see you again this morning
Can I get you something to drink?
Some Water?
A breath?

Welcome, lust
Welcome, shame
No, really, You are welcome here

Welcome, I don’t know
Take a seat in that
soft green chair
Right next to
I’m right
You should know better

Welcome, anger
Welcome, skin
over metatarsals

breathe in + breathe out


logion 47


Oh, America.

One nation under…

Mike Rusert

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